Get involved

SEVEN SENSES Foundation offers several opportunities to become involved? Check out what you can do to contribute to positive impact worldwide on today’s complex problems!

Become a SEVEN SENSES Foundation Ambassador

Representing our mission to potential partners and other interested, or you can become a SEVEN SENSES Foundation Volunteer in something you are good at! Send an email to for more information.

Start your own PAR project

At SEVEN SENSES you can create impact with local people by actually doing Participatory Action Research, nearby or far from home! Check out our SEVEN SENSES Academy for options!


By joining the SEVEN SENSES Challenge, you will experience yourself the impact of Participatory Action Research.  In an international multi-disciplinary team you do action research on a social issue overseas, creating new possibilites for positive change.


Have your own research idea? Great! Through SEVEN SENSES you can design and execute your own Participatory Action Research or a SEVEN SENSES Challenge, guiding a multidisciplinary team in the field!

The SEVEN SENSES Challenges and the SEVEN SENSES Academy are activities of SEVEN SENSES Company. SEVEN SENSES Foundation supports SEVEN SENSES for their Participatory Action Research activities worldwide.

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It may seem a small thing, but by following us you can already make an impact! It means spreading the word, and the more people believe that local empowerment and independency of western aid is the key to development, the stronger we can grow together!

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn and/or subscribe to theSEVEN SENSES E-zine.

Thank you in advance for your support!