The board

Ted van den Bergh

Ted is chairman of the Foundation since 2020. He is known for his dedication to nature, sustainability and social justice. He built his network during 33 years at Triodos Bank.

“PAR is a wonderful tool to learn to master your own life and the circumstances you live in.”

Jan van der West

Jan is Treasurer of the Foundation. Based on his legal background and experience as mountain guide he knows how to apply thinking and acting in strategic and change management and civic law. He has a broad experience within residential and care organizations and in facilitating change. Activating and connecting people from all levels and networks forms the basis for his actions. Human rights and holistic health determine his societal and political dynamics, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Margreet van der Pijl

Margreet is Secretary of the Foundation and a member of the board since 2018. Since 2008 she works on projects based upon the principles of Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing and Crowdmobilization, first 6 years in the first crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands 1%Club in which she co-built the community, designed a 1%Coaching system and several ways of working. After this she worked as a self-employed consultant in different innovation projects. During the last two years she set up the Social Innovation Pillar at UNITAR, a branch of the UN. At this moment Margreet is Innovation Facilitator of Partos, the branch organization for Dutch Development.

See here her TED-talk about Bee Collective.

Madelon Eelderink

Madelon is General Boardmember of the Foundation.  She brings in top expertise on Participatory Action Research. As founder of SEVEN SENSES she has practiced it all over the world in development co-operation, in nature conservation and other areas. She has trained hundreds of people in applying Participatory Action Research and has published several articles and a book on the subject.

Evert Jan van Hasselt

Evert Jan is General Boardmember of the Foundation. He is thoughtleader in business strategy development. Author of books “Ecosystem for Business” (Society 3.0 Foundation, 2013) and (in Dutch) “Van CEO naar tuinman” (Business Contact, 2014). With his company Business21 he sets the course for organizations who want to embrace the future. Connected to several social initiatives he applies his ideas in jointly creating a better world.