This page provides you with reports on the performance of the SEVEN SENSES Foundation and scientific publications on the application of Participatory Action Research worldwide.

Annual reports (in Dutch)

Scientific publications

Eelderink, M., and J. Verster. 2010. “Development of a Community-specific Health Promotion Plan to Improve Children’s Health in Rural Guatemala.” International Journal on Disability and Human Development 9 (1): 35–46.

Eelderink, M., Vervoort, J., Snel, D., & de Castro, F. (2017). Harnessing the plurality of actor frames in social-ecological systems: ecological sanitation in Bolivia. Development in Practice, 27(3), 275–287.

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Eelderink, M., Vervoort, J. And van Laerhoven, F. (2020). Using Participatory Action Research to operationalize Critical Systems Thinking for pluralistic definitions of wicked problems in in social ecological systems. Ecology and Society. 25(1):16