Our approach

SEVEN SENSES Foundation means boosting positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s world. Participatory Action Research can create that impact, as empowering people to develop solutions to their own needs is a powerful tool to create sustainable impact.


We strongly believe in Participatory Action Research as a way to work towards a more supportive and inclusive society. A lot of seemingly unsolvable problems in society can be solved by people in communities themselves. Often not much money is needed. A process which enables people to discover what binds them, what they can contribute individually and how they can co-operate paves the way to sustainable solutions.

Participatory Action Research does just that! It is a form of research where findings are analyzed on the spot and within a short period of time presented back to the community under research. Stakeholders will then elaborate on those findings which generates new insights and action perspectives. Especially the fact that different stakeholders gain insight in each other’s perspectives opens the way to new before unseen solutions.

Areas of application

This approach can be applied in different areas, amongst which:

  • Development cooperation
    Applying our approach in developing countries leads to low-cost solutions to social issues with huge impact, solutions that optimally fit in the local social-cultural context, co-created by local people themselves. This greatly improves self-esteem of individual community members and the innovative power of the community as a whole!
  • Social development
    In developed countries a lot of social issues remain unsolved because they are caught in a web of entrenched lines of thinking, unrealistic expectations and budgetary constraints. Our approach allows seeing through those barriers, uncovering what each individual can contribute to a joint solution!
  • Community involvement in nature conservation
    Nature conservation is often seen as a costly hobby of nature freaks. Once the connection is made with societal and economic development, new solutions come into perspective. That is what our approach achieves!

Our mission

We are convinced that once society acknowledges the value of Participatory Action Research, it will embrace it and use it as a standard tool for handling a variety of issues. Our mission is to make that happen! We aim to achieve that by (financially) supporting initial projects that set examples which will convince people at decision levels.